Five iconic Utah entrepreneurs, Rick Alden, Alan Hall, Josh James, Todd Pedersen, and Greg Warnock, are launching a revolutionary new initiative to jump-start Angel-level investing in Utah and return power to the entrepreneurs who've made Utah one of the fastest growing high-tech startup regions in the country. That initiative is... Plus550.

Plus550 believes that the historical channels through which entrepreneurs access capital are costly and time-consuming, that they hinder new business growth and overall economic development.  By offering a simple process that provides entrepreneurs with normal deal terms and best venture practices, Plus550 will drive fair returns while positioning entrepreneurs for the greatest likelihood of long-term success.


Simplicity:  By only focusing on what matters, our experienced team can review and fund most investments in a matter of weeks. When we find a company with a great idea, we want to see it grow in the most efficient way possible.

Normalcy:  We strive to offer normal terms and transaction structures. Experience has taught us that by employing typical deal terms a company is perfectly positioned for growth and future rounds of fundraising. This also saves significant time and money usually required to document and close an unusual deal structure.

Transparency:  We are passionate about investing in the inspiring work of entrepreneurs. Our process helps minimize costs for our portfolio companies, while helping us drive returns commensurate with the risk in our portfolio.

We are going to change the way early stage deals are funded. The experience, relationships and capital offered by the five founders is unparalleled. By offering a simple process that provides entrepreneurs with a normal deal, we seek to drive fair returns and help perpetuate the valuable and inspiring work of entrepreneurs.

Origin Of The Name

Plus550 was born out of what we found to be a dysfunctional landscape of angels and other investors over-complicating the early stage investment process. The word PLUS was chosen to convey a sense of positive encouragement, a breath of fresh air to entrepreneurs and a promise that we will only add to your progress and ambitions. "550" identifies the five founders and the fifty co-investors that will follow closely and be able to add value to the entrepreneurs that we work with.

It is our hope that our positive perspective, depth and breadth of experience, and desire to simplify seed stage investing will benefit companies that come to us seeking capital and strengthen the entire entrepreneurial landscape.